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Take our short quiz to find out if you have the skills and character traits necessary for success.

If you want to serve your community, and have a meaningful and challenging career, there are few other professions that are as rewarding as being a Peace Officer.

But there’s a lot to think about. First, you probably have lots of questions, like these (click on the question to see the answer)…

The law enforcement hiring process is complicated. The process can be subjective from one agency to the next, but there are core elements of the process that are typically universal across most reputable agencies. Understanding the components of the process can be extremely helpful for candidates as they prepare to navigate the hiring process. Here are a few parts of the process that you may or may not have thought about:

  • Application
  • Civil Service
  • Interviews – yes, usually more than one!
  • Physical Agility Test
  • Polygraph
  • Conditional Offers
  • New Officer Contracts
  • Written Test

These are just a few pieces of a very complex puzzle that is the law enforcement hiring process.

Once you have a firm understanding of the components of the hiring process, devising strategies to excel in those various components is the next step. For example, take the physical agility test. Candidates should first research what the physical agility standards are for the agency in which they are applying (as this varies across the nation). Then, well in advance of the test, the candidate should begin training on each portion of the test individually (ex. Sit-ups, pushups, running, etc) and then train on them collectively together as you would on the day of testing (one after another). This sets the foundation for success on the day of testing. Candidates need to take a similar approach to every part of the hiring process.

Having a deeper understanding of the various traits that agencies are looking for in quality candidates can help you prepare for the hiring process. Here are a few (of many!) that most agencies are looking for in applicants:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Assertiveness
  • Common Sense
  • Character
  • Appearance
  • Judgment

As a candidate for a law enforcement job, not only will you need to possess a desirable degree of the characteristics, but you will also need to know how to articulate that you have them!

BCAT can provide you with resource materials and instruction that will teach you how to highlight your strengths, keep you from making fatal mistakes throughout the hiring process, and help you to set yourself apart from other applicants – all leading to you becoming the best law enforcement candidate possible. Choose the BCAT package that best suits your needs and don’t run the risk of missing out on your dream of Bringing Home the Badge.©

This will depend on what state you are looking to work in. There are ways to find out if you do your research. BCAT can help. Sign up now by clicking here. If you are unsure if law enforcement is the right career for you, take this quiz now.

Absolutely. This isn’t a one-and-done kind of field. Most officers don’t get hired at the first agency they apply with. Being BCAT Ready is the next step in preparing to apply and being successful in future attempts.

There are a few, but two that stand out are integrity and coachability. You must be a person of integrity to be successful in policing today. Second is the ability to receive and implement feedback that is crucial to the learning curve that comes with being a new law enforcement officer.

We hope that you will tell your interview panel or field training officer that you used BCAT! We want you to be able to talk about the impact that BCAT had on you and how you are more prepared and more competent for having trusted BCAT with your career future.

This will vary by client, but be prepared to spend enough time to get a good return on your investment. There is no shortcut to professional growth. Learning doesn’t end when you’ve completed your program. It is a lifetime effort and BCAT hopes this is just the beginning.

Yes! Anywhere that you have internet access, BCAT can support and mentor you.

First things, first – BCAT wants to help you get hired. Striving for a certain position or rank within an agency is an admirable goal, however most agencies do not allow newly hired officers to fill specialty positions (ex. detective, community resource officer, or tactical team member). At BCAT, we help clients focus on setting a firm foundation to get their foot in the door at an agency. Once hired, good officers will typically find their way into specialty positions.

Take our short quiz to find out if you have the skills and character traits necessary for success.

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