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BCAT is always here to answer your questions. Please fill out the form  and one of our team members will be back to you within 24 hours.

You may have a popular question other recruits before you have asked. Please review our FAQ.


Each client is different and brings their unique skillset and experience to the mentoring process. For self-guided work, the BCAT Ready package is available today for self-driven people who want to manage their own self-improvement. As soon as you complete the package, you’ll have increased your understanding and ability to successfully compete for a law enforcement position.

No. The idea is that you would work through them as you complete each step of the mentoring process. We hope that you would incorporate learning and feedback to make your application documents better than they are today.

Absolutely. This isn’t a one-and-done kind of field. Most officers don’t get hired at the first agency they apply with. Being BCAT Ready is the next step in preparing to apply and being successful in future attempts.

There are a few, but two that stand out are integrity and coachability. You must be a person of integrity to be successful in policing today. Second is the ability to receive and implement feedback that is crucial to the learning curve that comes with being a new law enforcement officer.

We hope that you will tell your interview panel or field training officer that you used BCAT! We want you to be able to talk about the impact that BCAT had on you and how you are more prepared and more competent for having trusted BCAT with your career future.

No. In fact, we have helped past clients who didn’t grade out well initially to improve their skills and abilities. They have gone on to have success and graded out higher when they finished.

Most likely not. Our clients look at this as an investment in their future. Like higher education or position-specific skill training, this is about growing as a person. Clients should be striving for lifelong learning and using BCAT will help prepare them for many aspects of their future career.

This will vary by client, but be prepared to spend enough time to get a good return on your investment. There is no shortcut to professional growth. Learning doesn’t end when you’ve completed your program. It is a lifetime effort and BCAT hopes this is just the beginning.

Yes! Anywhere that you have internet access, BCAT can support and mentor you.

First things, first – BCAT wants to help you get hired. Striving for a certain position or rank within an agency is an admirable goal, however most agencies do not allow newly hired officers to fill specialty positions (ex. detective, community resource officer, or tactical team member). At BCAT, we help clients focus on setting a firm foundation to get their foot in the door at an agency. Once hired, good officers will typically find their way into specialty positions.

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